我认为不应出台这个政策 I think this policy should not be introduced. 如果答案对亲有所帮助请采纳予以鼓励! 如果有疑问欢迎追问...

I think so. 或者I think that... 、I think it is...

I can't agree more(较好) I think so I agree with you totally

你没发现你的句子里是俩动词?后面那个has 去掉句子才不算病句……I think it is the following three reason that cause the problem 这是我的翻译,用了强调句

英语: 我认为作为一名中学生, 不应不遵守规则. 英语: 1) I think that you shouldn't take excuse of not abiding by the rules as a middle school student. 2) I believe that you must abide by the rules as a middle school student.

I feel as far as I know

你好,可翻译为:I feel very comfortable.满意速速采纳,谢谢合作!

I think I believe In my opnion From my point of view As far as I am concerned I suppose I guess I regard I consider I feel

I think you are wrong I don't think you are right

I believe that robots in the future look like human

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