你好! 我们的时光 Our time

This colorful universe of 1,000,000,000 universes things to do every day, of every hue will happen, the United states, Every day is born. As long as you are willing to use your eyes to find, with the heart to feel, you will sen...

属于我们的快乐时光英语是“Our happy hour.” Our的详细解释: (属于)我们的,我们的,我家的〔英格兰北部使用〕 Happy 的详细解释: 高兴的,快乐的〔使人感到〕愉快的;幸福的 感到满意[放心]的 Hour 的详细解释: 小时 〔某一活动、业务等的固...

It has recorded the sweet memory for us. It has been impressed with the wonderful time for us. It is full of the charming feeling for us.

我们要好好珍惜现在的美好时光 We should cherish the good times now

We have spent a fantastic time together!

My happy time My happy time was with you.I love you,not because of who you are,but I like the way I am with you. We were just staying right here.The river at that time was so beautiful,we played in the boat,you laugh,you sang,w...

Happy times belong to us. Our happy days.

We've spent a happy time together

我会珍惜 我们所有的回忆 I "ll cherish all the memories about us .(all our memories ) 因为 那些 和你在一起的日子 cause the days with you 是我一生最幸福的时光 is the happinest time in my life. 或者后两句翻得生动一些还可以译成:...

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