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求翻译! "一切都听你的"怎么说 (英文)

Anything you say. Anything follows you, It's up to you 和you rules或者Depend on you的意思就是“随便你”(由你哇 就是这种感觉),“你决定”(取决于你,老大 就是这个意思) 其实我觉得大家说的都对。

I grew up listening your songs, and I listen to them every day. OR I listened to your songs grow up, and I listen to them every day.

我听不懂你说的什么意思 I can't understand you

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . It sounds that you speak English well.

Those who have heard of my name would say to me "How strange your name sounds!"

In my mind there is a gap between us , no matter how many efforts I make, my call cannot pass through it.

I am singing songs with friends in Karaoke.Would you like to listening to me singing? ?


Fuck! I'm tired of your crap, you can go away!

A stubborn slow-witted were willing to listen to you heart even you relatively cold and I will continue to care for you persevere! 肯定和搜索引擎不一样 望采纳

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