My favorite restaurant My favorite restaurant is an Italian restaurant called "Dima". It is located in Shangmei Plaza the Third on West Gongqingtuan Road. Their house special dishes are Bolognese Spaghetti, Black Pepper Short R...

My favourite personal production is a poster which shows the noisy city.

The teacher this occupation I like most, because the teacher is great, he can educate others, to bring knowledge to others

Why I love you same as before?

may i invite my friend to your class? beacuse he likes English.有时候翻译不要逐字逐句翻译,最好能弄懂原话是什么意思,再加以修饰,就容易表达了~

英语:Kim Hyun Joong is my favorite star, he is not only handsome but also very cool. He was born in South Korea, adult join SS501, he was captain of the team, he attended the opening ceremony of the 2011 Guangzhou Asian Games ...

My favorite animal is a tiger, the city park, I call it super t, it is orange, black, white, it's big. But look a little scared. It can run jump far. And other places are afraid of it, it sleep by day and night to walk everywhe...

hello everyone my name is xxx. i am 15 years old. my hobby is playing basketball, my favourite class is physical. i am tall so i get some advantage, i believe i can do it well.

翻译:I have been a fan of the works of Jianhua Han for almost two years. Among his works, I like HuaQianGu the most.

my favourite star is dilraba dilmurat.

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