Today,we will have two new friends.

我们今天来了两位同学 We have two students today 我们今天来了两位同学 We have two students today

进行时: We are learning two new letters today. 过去时: We learnt two new letters today. 将来时: We will learn two new letters today.

Children! Today we have two new friends.Welcome !

您好,您可以根据音标进行拼读: 英文原文: we have two new friends today. 英式音标: [wiː] [hæv] [tuː] [njuː] [frendz] [təˈdeɪ] . 美式音标:yinbiao5.com [wi] [hæv] [tu] [nu] [frɛndz] ...

boys and girls have two new friends today

我们班来了两位新朋友今天 Two new friends came to our class today.

what do you wear today?

我们今天有一次徒步活动。 We have a walk today. 说明: walk [可数名词] a journey on foot, usually for pleasure or exercise 行走;步行;徒步旅行;散步

Today we eat beef noodles and fish sandwiches. 今天我们吃牛肉面和鱼肉三明治

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