关系就会越来越好 英文:Relationships will get better and better 关系 英文:relation; relationship; nexus; filiation

become better and better 越来越好 双语例句 We must have faith in the3G in China because it will definitely become better and better. 我们要对中国的3G有信心,因为这肯定对变得越来越好的。 Seeing our group become better and better...

2015过得越来越好 life will be better and better in 2015

better and better

The company will become better and better.

I believe my English will be better and better

I wish you better and better and I will remember you forever.

Our life will be better and better, and our future will be brighter and brighter

Good luck with your life trip!

I wish you could be better and better.

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