员工福利 Employee welfare 员工福利 Employee welfare

公司福利” Company benefits 注: benefits .n. 益处; 津贴费; 利益( benefit的名词复数 ); (给职工的) 奖金; 救济金; [例句]What are some of the practical benefits likely to be of this line of research?.

welfare benefits

年薪包括福利吗 英文:Does annual salary include benefits?

福利的英语: welfare ; well-being ; weal ; boon。 1、welfare :Chapter 3 analyses the economic effect and welfare effect ofseigniorage。第三章分析了铸币税的经济效应和福利效应。 2、benefit :This transfer of risk is not a zero s...

welfare 英 [ˈwelfeə(r)] 美 [ˈwelfer] n. 福利;幸福;繁荣;安宁 双语例句 I do not think he is considering Emma's welfare 我认为他没有考虑到埃玛的幸福。

"My unit will be issued every holiday generous benefits, generous sympathy"

法定年度带薪休假 英文翻译 Paid vacation in statutory year 公司福利带薪年度休假 英文翻译 Corporate welfare paid annual leave

工资:salary 福利:welfare 可观的工资收入:a considerable salary

bonus,可以表示奖金、红利,游戏中常见(bonus time:福利进行时)

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