welfare benefits

welfare 英 [ˈwelfeə(r)] 美 [ˈwelfer] n. 福利;幸福;繁荣;安宁 双语例句 I do not think he is considering Emma's welfare 我认为他没有考虑到埃玛的幸福。

公司福利” Company benefits 注: benefits .n. 益处; 津贴费; 利益( benefit的名词复数 ); (给职工的) 奖金; 救济金; [例句]What are some of the practical benefits likely to be of this line of research?.

年薪包括福利吗 英文:Does annual salary include benefits?

the improvement on salary and welfare

工资:salary 福利:welfare 可观的工资收入:a considerable salary

I think your company is very good reputation, the company's treatment of employees well, I expect to return to work in the company

法定年度带薪休假 英文翻译 Paid vacation in statutory year 公司福利带薪年度休假 英文翻译 Corporate welfare paid annual leave

人力资源六大版:招聘,员工关系,培训,绩效考核,企业文化,薪酬福利. There are six parts to human resource: hiring(招聘), employee inter-relation (员工关系),training (培训), productivity evaluation (绩效考核), corporate culture (企业...

cThe water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up.

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