relevant policy was issued

政府出台一系列吸引留学者回国的政策 The government has introduced a series of policies to attract foreign students to return home

政府应该出台相应政策 The government should take some actions. 想方设法去做么事(贬义) try to do something by all means 带来安全隐患 have safety concerns 在什么什么的氛围下 in the atmosphere 树立起什么什么的意识 be xxx-minded 随...

英文原文: what? the internet is out of service. 英式音标: [wɒt] ? [ðə] [ˈɪntənet] [ɪz] [aʊt] [ɒv; (ə)v] [ˈsɜːvɪs] . 美式音标: [wɑt] ? [ðə] [G...

fit [fill] the bill; accord with the demands 短语和例子 那块胶合板正符合要求。 that piece of plywood will just fit the bill 不符合要求 ineptitude; ineptness 符合要求的 acceptable passable 及格, 符合要求 cut the muster

豹纹 [词典] leopard print; [例句]俄罗斯出生的淘汰赛看着半纯粹的豹纹马克西礼服超性感,她倾向于她的小狗职责。 The Russian-born knockout looked super-sexy in a semi-sheer leopard print maxi dress as she tended to her doggie duties.

what i said is true 我说的是真的 i'm serious 我很严肃(我没跟你开玩笑) i mean it 我是认真的(和i am serious差不多)(不是随便说说的) 我认为你现在缺少的就是这些 This is what you need. This is what you lack. lack 缺乏,缺少 I t...

The policy finance and commercial finance separate 将政策性金融和商业性金融分开


我进行了人生中的一次巨大挑战. => i process the biggest chanllenge in my life i start the biggest chanllenge in my life

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