Our company provides as follow: perfect pre-job training, superior development platform and good welfare treatment.

1.The problem was made by the careless workers 2.This way to train the workers isn't enough 也许直接翻译有点差异 不过意思差不多的

我昨天去现场看的这场比赛,气氛就是跟在家看电视不(一样)。 I watched this competition live yesterday. The atmosphere is just not the same as watching it on TV at home. 中午好!!

what color do you dress today?

中国制造遮最初从坚果中提取油是利用化学手段 不是破坏了坚果的结构 所以 他们从中索取钱财 从中赚钱 遮就是中国

According to your QC's requirements, the LOGO must be printed exactly according to the attached picture. But as you can see, the letter "R" is ver tiny in the logo and it is nearly impossible to print it clearly on the bottoms ...

I'm sleepy, I want to take a rest. Is it possible? You have already done so much things for me, just pay separately. 翻译不准请见谅

Beijing San Ying Zhi Dao Technology Co., LTD or Beijing Win-Win-Win Technology Co., LTD

中文:顾客的要求,能做到的都要尽量满足 以下为日语翻译: ①说别人的时候: お客様のご希望であれば、出来るだけご期待に添えるように配虑して下さい ②自己说的时候: お客様のご希望であれば、出来るだけ期待に添えるように配虑します。 及供...

有用sentence的,不过好像只用在死刑的时候才这样用吧。比如说he was sentenced to death. 宣判我在电影里有见过用announcing someone not guilty/guilty.的用法。 也曾在书上见过declare 的用法,如:I'm here now declare John not guilty. 至...

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