1.the development of ... has caused/attaracted serious concern of bank and the same trade and all Social Sector 2.the development of ... has become a cause for certain in the field of bank and the same trade as well as the whol...

引起了的广泛关注 A wide range of concerns

复数。 复数形式:issues 你的句子可以用“a issue such as ..."

你好! 受到社会各界的广泛关注 Received extensive attention of the society from all walks of life

随着社会的发展,英语越来越广泛的应用到生活中,用英语 With the development of society, English is more and more widely applied into life.

Along with the development of jiangsu coastal areas as national strategy, and rising caused extensive concern of the industry at home and abroad, and small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with domestic

【中】越来越多的东西被广泛的关注 【译】Increasing number of things are widely concerned.

1. The relationship between culture and tourism has caused worldwide concern. 2. In recent years, the dispute between international trading activities has been intensified by the obviously fast-expanded imports. 3. Education no...

although it's the first time that the plan has come up,it has paid attention to widely.

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