作名词,词组lack of ,a lack of, She didn't attend the party for lack of confidence. 她没有参加这个聚会,因为她没有信心.(lack作名词, 与of搭配使用. 注意:名词lack绝对不能与for连用.) 作动词,直接跟宾语 lack something, She lacks c...

lack of?

名词表示:缺乏;短缺;匮乏 动词表示:没有;缺乏,不足,短缺 lack for lack of

It is obvious that many people who are in fond of doing internet surfing have been attached to writing blogs or reading some of them.However, lots blogs have been said as lack of creation due to either political sensitive or ru...

1. I couldn't care less. 这句话的意思是「我不在乎」,「缺乏兴趣」(lack of interest),也就是:I don't care at all. 或 I don't give a hoot. 2.No bones about it. 意思是:真实的,诚恳的(truly, sincerely or exactly),也就是 to m...

1 become infected with 受...感染(影响) 2 die of AIDS 死于爱滋病 3 a lack of proper health care 缺乏适当健康护理 4 cheer sb.up 给某人鼓劲 5 suffer from 遭受... 6 on the contrary 相反的是,反过来(说) 7 for the moment 就在那一刻 8 ...

signal 信号 consider 思考 a lack of eye contact 缺乏眼神交流 a lack of interest 缺乏兴趣 希望能够帮你,加油

the result of take care oflack ofneed a liberal supply of

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