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consider to do和 consider doing有什么区别

1 consider doing sth == think of doing sth She is condering working in London. 2 consider + 疑问代词 / 疑问副词 to do sth She hasn't yet considered when to go to London for her new job. 3 独立的 consider to do sth 在英语里面不...

区别如下: 只有consider doing sth,没有consider to do sth 这个用法 consider doing sth意为考虑做某事。但是当consider被用作被动语态的时候可以加不定式,be considered to do ,表示被认为。 例句:Any time we consider "down time" like...

1.解释为"考虑" consider that+从句疑问代词(I am comsidering where to go.) 2.解释为"认为" consider sb. as sth./to be sth. 另外, To form an opinion about; judge: 对…评价;判断: considers waste to be criminal. 认为浪费是有罪的 To...

一般情况下不定式表示未做的事情,而动名词表示已经做过的事情。 如:stop to do/ stop doing 意思有变化。 但consider做考虑的意思讲时,后面只能跟doing sth, 意思是考虑做某事。 consider to do sth的用法在英语中基本是不正确的。 只有在被...

考虑,细想[+v-ing][+wh-]I've begun to consider what to do next. 我已在考虑下一步该怎么办。 We're considering moving to Seattle. 我们考虑搬往西雅图。 consider sb/sth (to be) sth/adj 认为…是 认为…如何 We consider this (to be) very...

consider to do只用在被动语态,是认为的意思;consider doing是考虑做某事的意思

consider to do 表示考虑要去做(没做过) consider doing表示考虑做过的某事

可以说:consider doing , 也可以说:consider+疑问词+to do, 但是不能说:consider to do They considered visiting the park the next week. We are considering how to deal with the problem . Have you considered what to do next ?

consider doing是考虑做某事 如I am considering visiting you consider to do是认为的意思 如China is considered to be one of the greatest country in the world.中国被认为是世界上最伟大的国家之一.

选B,第一空consider意为“考虑”,后接动名词作宾语;第二空consider意为“认为”,同think of,后可接to be…作补语(并不是宾语),主动式为consider sth. to be…,本句为其被动句sth. be considered to be…,to be有时也可省去。

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