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工作前景: 毕业生适合于外经贸各部委、贸易公司、涉外机构、外商投资企业、跨国公司、金融国贸等单位的文秘、翻译、业务人员或行政管理人员等工作,同时也适合于各级政府涉外部门、各类外向型企业或公司以及银行、保险、海关、边防、高等院校及...

736.513.879 Seven hundred thirty six million five hundred thirteen thousand eight hundred and seventy nine horses.

想要简单的啊?!那就直接。。 The World,Cheers!

世界人口突破70亿 The world population has surpassed 7 billion.

Twenty-three billion five hundred and sixty-one million seven hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight . 温馨提示:记住英文中的习惯:除了百,三位一个单位(千thousand,百万million,十亿billion,万亿/兆trilli...

Three billion nine hundred and eighty-four million seven hundred and sixty-five thousand three hundred and twenty-one 

one billion five hundred and thirty_nine million eight hundred and seventy_six thousand three hundred and twenty_one 三千六百七十二万四千六百三十一

In Britain, Christmas Day is normally spent at home, with the family, and it is regarded as a celebration of the family and its continuity. Preparations start well in advance, with the sending of Christmas cards and installatio...

united states have a population of 284.4 million among which 70% are white people.

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