翻译如下 获得学校师生的一致好评 Get good and identical praise from teachers and students in school

杜绝[dù jué] [词典] stop; completely eradicate; put an end to; ended [例句] 这个方法实际上杜绝了向未成年人出售香烟的现象。 The approach has virtually ended cigarette sales to minors.

字面翻译是 won unanimous applause from the audience 但其实说成下面的表达就够了 won wide applause from the audience 或 met with much applause from the audience

表现良好简单说就是do well或者perform well. doing well during the teaching process and being commended by both faculties and students.

得到了老师和学生的一致好评 ....has been universally praised by tearchers and students.

His popularity is very good, get consistent high praise in the industry He opened a new dessert shop Aroused the resonance of all his works He bought a camera to record the dribs and drabs of life Very harmonious community atmo...

Attend school movement for class to win trophies, for the drama performance get leadership consistent high praise!

be praised by all the customers

我得到同学们的一致好评 I got good praise from my classmates 如果有帮到你,请采纳,还需帮助,请继续问。

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