谢谢的英文是thanks。 词汇分析音标:英 [θæŋks] 美 [θæŋks] 释义: n. 谢谢(只用复数) int. 谢谢 短语 thanks for 多亏 thanks a lot 多谢 many thanks 非常感谢 heartfelt thanks 由衷地感谢 thanks for your help 感谢...

谢谢的英文是:thank,thanks,thank you. 例句:1.谢谢您在工作上给予我的支持和指导。Thanks for your support and guidance in this job. 2.谢谢你美味可口的晚餐。Thank you for your delicious dinner. 3.再次谢谢你的热情款待。Thank you ag...

谢谢 [ thank thanks thank you 3种 thank [θæŋk] vt. 感谢 n. 感谢 int. 谢谢 例句 谢谢你能写信跟我分担你的忧虑。 Thank you for writing to me about your concern. 希望我的回答 对你有所帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你:天天开...

你好! 谢谢他 Thank him

最简单的可以说: Email received, thanks. 或者: Email has been received, thank you. 或者: Glad to tell you that email has been received, thank you very much. 以上内容仅供参考。

Thank you. 谢谢 Thanks a lot.谢谢 Thank you very much.谢谢 Thanks a million .万分感谢 Thank you all the same .仍然很感谢你 You are so kind .你真是大好人.

Thank you all 或 Thanks to you all

非常感谢 thanks a lot Many thanks very thankful 3种 例句 Very thankful your cooperation! 非常感谢您的合作! We are very thankful to our coach. 我们非常感谢我们的教练。 希望对你有帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你天天开心 心想事成 O(...

How do you like your beef done? (How do you like your beef cooked?) could you speak slowly? my English is not that good Enjoy your dinner ( enjoy your meal 这个是常用的,餐馆服务都是这么说) Thank you for coming, (没人说慢走,...


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