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有一首歌,高潮部分是live这个单词重复几遍 I live...

Greenskeepers - Live Like You Wanna Live


歌曲名: Talk about us 歌手名: Jennifer Lopez 专辑名: I saw you and fell in love You saw me and fell in love, too You and me we fell in love with each other last night I told you that I was concerned You told me of your conce...

Tim Mcgraw的歌曲Highway Don't Care里面feat. Taylor Swift & Keith Urban,其中Taylor女声部分一直在唱I can’t live without you,I can’t live without you baby,不过这是乡村音乐不是说唱歌曲不知道是不是你想找的答案。

Someone Like You 专辑:21 歌手:Adele I heard that you settled down 我听说你已心有所属 That you found a girl and your married now 你找到了一个合适的女孩并和她结了婚 I heard that your dreams came true 我听说你已梦想成真 Guess sh...

《Highway Don't Care》收录于蒂姆·麦格罗的专辑《Two Lanes of Freedom》中,由蒂姆·麦格罗和泰勒·斯威夫特演唱,凯斯·厄本弹奏吉他。

Without you Mariah carey No I can't forget this evening Or your face as you were leaving But I guess that's just the way The story goes You always smile but in your eyes You sorrow shows Yes it shows No I can't forget tomorrow ...

Highway Don't Care

词:段思思 曲:谭旋 编曲:雷立 女:谁用三生浮世的烟火 换你一次长忆的交错 当花红了彼岸的日落 就一次泪已泛滥这荒漠 男:谁用三世盛放的等候 换你一程归来的喜乐 当叶绿了岁月的长河 我还要等着你来找我 合:花开不见叶儿 叶儿抬头不见花 只...


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