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英文翻译 政府应该出台相应政策

政府应该出台相应政策 The government should take some actions. 想方设法去做么事(贬义) try to do something by all means 带来安全隐患 have safety concerns 在什么什么的氛围下 in the atmosphere 树立起什么什么的意识 be xxx-minded 随...

relevant policy was issued

政府出台一系列吸引留学者回国的政策 The government has introduced a series of policies to attract foreign students to return home

现在,中国政府已拟订了许多政策。 英文翻译如下: Now, the Chinese government has drawn up many policies. 重点词汇释义: 现在:now; today; nowadays; currently; at present 中国政府:Chinese Government 拟订:draft; draw up; work ou...

in accordance with government's policy.

中国政府 GOC(the government of China)更多释义>> [网络短语] 中国政府 The Chinese Government;Chinese government;the government of China 代表中国政府 represent the Chinese government 激怒中国政府 enraged Beijing

Our government must enact policies to curb the further deterioration of the phenomenon.

"The US government also issued a related food Conservation Act, the provisions of all donations can enjoy food by reducing the amount of tax to encourage people to donate excess food. Food and recycling services may also provid...

优惠政策 Favoured policy 优惠政策 名 preferential policy 将采取税收优惠政策把公司吸引到东南部以外的各地区。 Tax incentives would be used to attract firms to the regions, away from the South-East.

formulate and promulgate policies set and issue policies establish and implement policies 任选,供参

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